Report a Fraudulent Email


Scammers are at work round the clock with the hope of netting the personal data or information of their potential victims. One of their effective method is to clandestinely send an email purporting to have originated from a company familiar to you. Once you innocently respond to such spurious email they are able to access your device and proceed with perpetrating their nefarious activities that make become a victim of the scam eventually. Help us to pre-empt such malicious activities by doing the following without hesitation:

  1. If you receive a suspicious email composed to look like from Unity Monetary Servies, forward such email intact (i.e. without changing the subject or sending it as an attachment) to us at
  2. Delete the suspicious email immediately from your inbox.

We will take prompt action on this.

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© Copyright Unity Monetary Services B.V. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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