Counter Transaction


Customers, both existing and new, are welcomed to our main office in Amsterdam and locations of our accredited agents across the country for counter transactions.  Money sent at Unity is instantly ready for pick up by the recipient at its destination in Ghana or Gambia. Monies can be sent either as cash remittance,  account deposit or mobile money transfer. Money transfer payments are made preferably by PIN by the sender. Cash payment is also possible.

  • An existing customer is required to provide his/her name and a valid photo ID, the full name of the beneficiary on his/her photo ID and the amount to be transferred.
  • A new individual customer is required to provide a valid ID and proof of address for registration prior to the transaction. We may also ask for a proof of income. For business customers, we will also require a copy of the registration at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • The customer makes the payment to complete the transaction.
  • Following completion of the transaction, the sender receives formal receipt for the transaction which contains, among others, the transaction code for onward transmission to the recipient in the destination country. At the same time, the transaction code is sms generated and sent to the phone number provided by the sender.
  • With the transaction code and valid photo ID, the recipient can instantly pick up the money at any one of the well over 500 payment destinations in Ghana and Gambia.


The acceptable forms of identification for a transaction are:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Dutch Drivers licence
  • Valid Dutch Immigration document
  • Valid European photo ID

Please note that self identification may be randomly demanded.