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In contrast to cash payments, credit cards, cheques and bank transfers, mobile money is a form of electronic wallet service that enables users to not only to store but also send and receive money using their mobile devices (phones). With a mobile money account on their mobile phones, a user or consumer can buy items online or in shops, pay for both virtual and tangible services and also diverse bills.  A potential user of a mobile money accounts simply needs go through stipulated registration process by accredited local mobile money agent in the country he/she is domiciled and where such facility is in use.  We guarantee secure, fast and affordable service at all times.

how it works

Initial important thing to do is to check if the mobile phone number you are to send the mobile money to has been registered for mobile money transfer. After you have ascertained that, proceed as follows;


From the drop down menus, first choose Netherlands  as your source country.

Next, select Ghana or Gambia as destination country, then select the desired service or delivery method (mobile money) and enter how much you are sending or want the beneficiary to receive.

Details, including our highly competitive exchange rate, fee and how much you pay will display.

Tap send now. Next page will open for you to either sign in or register if you don’t have an account.


Either choose from a list of your existing recipients or add new recipient, provide required information on recipient and proceed.


Tap on Ideal and follow further process for payment.

You will first receive SMS and/or e-mail notifications when amount is sent and a second SMS when amount is collected.

Other ways to send money with us are;

CASH PICK UP: Send money to be picked up virtually instant from more than 500 cash pick up locations in Ghana and a couple of points in Gambia. Find out more here.

CASH TO ACCOUNT (BANK DEPOSIT): Send money directly into beneficiary’s bank account. This is credited to the beneficiary’s account within two working days. Find out more here.

AIRTIME TOP UP: Send airtime top up to mobile phones on all networks across the globe. The airtime equivalent to amount paid is automatically uploaded unto the recipient’s mobile phone.  Find out more here.

Where We Differ From Others


Our today’s technology backed method of transfer securely guides your money to the beneficiary.


Our payment authorizations are mostly in a matter of moments.


Our charges are very affordable and we offer reasonably competitive exchange rates.

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© Copyright Unity Monetary Services B.V. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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