Online Money Transfer

Safe, fast and very reliable.


Virtual phone credit across borders.

Bills Payment

Prompt payment of your utility bills.

Free SMS services

Fast transfer and collection notification to sender.

Counter Transaction

Customers, both existing and new, are welcomed to our main office in Amsterdam and locations of our accredited agents across the country for counter transactions.  Money sent at Unity is instantly ready for pick up by the recipient at its destination in Ghana or Gambia. Monies can be sent either as cash remittance or account deposit. Money transfer payments are made preferably by PIN by the sender. Cash payment is also possible.


Telebanking is an easy method of transferring money to family and loved ones from the comfort of your home of mobile device. 

Transfer to Any Bank Account

Direct money transfer into cedi bank account in Ghana. Processing takes maximum 2 working days. Cash to account transfer within The Netherlands or to
any EU country also available.