Cash Pickup

Send money for instant cash pick up by your loved ones.

Money transfer with us for direct cash pick up can be either by use of our app or way of counter transaction at our main office or locations of our accredited agents in Amsterdam and other major cities across the country or in the alternative our Telebanking method. A beneficiary can then pick up the cash virtually instant from more than 500 cash pick up locations in Ghana and a couple of collection points in Gambia. We guarantee secure, fast and affordable service at all times.


how it works


From the drop down menus, first choose Netherlands  as your source country.

Next, select Ghana or Gambia as destination country, then select the desired service or delivery method (cash pick up) and enter how much you are sending or want the beneficiary to receive.

Details, including our highly competitive exchange rate, fee and how much you pay will display.

Tap send now. Next page will open for you to either sign in or register if you don’t have an account.


Either choose from a list of your existing recipients or add new recipient, provide required information on recipient and proceed.


Tap on Ideal and follow further process for payment. You will first receive SMS and/or e-mail notifications when amount is sent and a second SMS when amount is collected.


Customers, both existing and new, are welcomed at our main office in Amsterdam and locations of any of our accredited agents in Amsterdam and other major cities across the country for counter transactions.

Cash amount once transferred is virtually ready instant for the beneficiary to pick this up at its destination in Ghana or Gambia.  While we accept cash payments, our preference for payments at our counters is by PIN.  


* An existing customer is required to provide his/her name and a valid photo ID, the full name of the beneficiary as appears on his/her photo ID and the amount to be transferred.  

* A new individual customer is required to provide a valid photo ID and proof of address for registration and eventual transfer of money. We may also ask for a proof of income in certain instances. For business customers, we will also require copy of the extract of business registration from chamber of commerce and other relevant documentations including source of funds.  

* The customer makes the payment to complete the transaction.

* Following completion of the transaction, the sender receives a formal receipt which contains, among others, the transaction code for onward transmission to the beneficiary in the destination country. Subsequently, the system generates a code for the transaction and automatically sends this to the phone number of the sender in the system for onward transmission to the beneficiary.

* With the transaction code and valid photo ID, the beneficiary picks up the cash at any one of the well over 500 payments points in Ghana or Gambia.


The acceptable forms of identification for a transaction are;

* Valid passport.

* Valid Dutch driving licence.

* Valid Dutch immigration card.

* Valid European photo ID.


Telebanking is easy method of transferring money to friends, family and loved ones from the comfort of your home or any location convenient to you with a smart phone.  


First Sign Up. After you’ve signed up successfully, you will receive e-mail confirmation of your registration and customer ID number for your online transactions. You thereafter proceed with the transfer method. 


Kindly proceed with the transfer method.


It takes a few simple steps to make your transfer.


* First Sign In.


* Transfer your intended amount either into our ING bank account.

NUMBER: NL 53 ING 0006 7286.


Or ABN-AMRO-AMRO bank account.

NUMBER: NL 54 ABNA 0476 9722 56.


* Provide your name, customer ID number and mobile number. Also add the beneficiary’s full name (as appears on his/or her photo ID) and mobile number. We take care of the rest and in an instant the money is ready for collection at any of our well over 500 collection points in Ghana and a couple of locations in Gambia. You then receive sms notification on your mobile device containing relevant and concise information about your transfer including a system generated code to pass on to the beneficiary for collection of the transferred amount. For customer service please go to Contact Us.

Other ways to send money with us are;

MOBILE MONEY. Send money to all mobile wallets within minutes. Find out more here.

BANK DEPOSIT [CASH TO ACCOUNT]: Send money directly into beneficiary’s bank account. This is credited to the beneficiary’s account within two working days. Find out more here.

AIRTIME TOP UP: Send airtime top up to mobile phones on all networks across the globe. The airtime equivalent to amount paid for is automatically uploaded unto the recipient’s mobile phone.  Find out more here.

Where We Differ From Others


Our today’s technology backed method of transfer securely guides your money to the beneficiary.


Our payment authorizations are mostly in a matter of moments.


Our charges are very affordable and we offer reasonably competitive exchange rates.

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