Unity Money holds a PSD (Payment Services Directive) license issued by the Dutch Central Bank and operates under strict supervision by the Dutch Central Bank. Our compliance officer, nominated officer according to the FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit)rules, works with management and staff to identify and manage regulatory risk. He makes sure Unity Monetary Services B.V complies with the Money Laundering Regulations.
Unity Monetary Services B.V’s Money Laundering controls are implemented through the following steps:
Training staff and agents
Producing and maintaining our AML handbook of Policies and Procedures (adapted to each country)
Continual updates for staff and agents through training, circulars and newsletters
Inbuilt controls in our software/systems
Audit and sampling checks of transactions
Test checks at Agent’s premises
Reporting to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) when appropriate

Agents are using Unity Link’s existing Remitone software in the same way by our branches and agents in Europe. The software system used by all UMS Agents and staff are fully compliant with the laid down procedures required by the Dutch regulators compliance rules. The software used by our agents has in-built Money Laundering filters that are able to identify, monitor and track transactions. Our own Remitone programme monitors all payments on the basis of our Money Laundering Procedures as required by the FIU and any changes to the requirements will be automatically reflected on our Remitone software.
We are working closely with our regulators to make sure we comply with their rules.
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